retired pastor: Reverend Erick J. Kern, Jr.

Reverend Erick J. Kern, Jr.

I grew up in the Spring City/Chester Springs areas. My spiritual journey has been varied having been a part of several differing faith communities, Evangelical and Reformed, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Assembly of God, a house church and most recently, the United Church of Christ. 
Most of my formal education was at Lancaster Theological Seminary but to balance that education I have taken courses at Biblical Theological Seminary and several continuing education courses from a variety of sources.
My greatest joy is helping people continue on their spiritual journey.  I have tried to make the teachings of Jesus and the teachings of the Church clear and understandable. Since I can fall short of this goal there is a standing invitation to ask questions.  I may not always have an answer on the tip of the tongue but I will seek an answer for any question given to me.
I do not believe in an angry, judgmental God but a merciful and loving God who seeks to free us from those things that trap us and keep us from enjoying life as God meant life to be enjoyed. Some of the traps that life has for us, the Church calls sin and are to be avoided because the end result is always mental and/or spiritual death…becoming less than what we were created to be and accomplish.